19 May My Perfect Smile


Everyone wants the perfect smile, and essentially the perfect smile means teeth that are symmetrical and white. With no doubt that having a perfect smile would boost confidence (and more importantly look great with lipstick!)  I wanted to get my teeth whitened.  I knew I didn’t want extremely glowing, bright white, ridiculous teeth. Yes I wanted them whiter, but a nice bright natural white.

When I first spoke with Dr Yassmin at Broadway Dental this was my main concern, to achieve a whiter smile that still looked natural. Dr Yassmin suggested to me in chair whitening, which is having a gel applied to the teeth and in around an hour you can achieve up to 12 shades whiter using a special light. He also suggested Invisalign to correct any rotation and crowding in my teeth and give me a more symmetrical smile. Invisalign is a series of clear fine plastic aligners which work like braces but are almost undetectable. They work to straighten and correct the teeth in a more comfortable and discreet way.

So this is where my smile transformation begins…

To date I have had the in chair whitening (see the amazing results below!) and I have had the scans to have my Invisalign custom made which should be ready in the next week or so. The in chair whitening was entirely painless but I did get the occasional sensitive zing! but nothing too serious.

I will be regularly posting about my progress along the way to achieving my perfect smile with Dr Yassmin at Broadway Dental

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before after