20 Jun My Coolsculpting- Hollywood’s Fat Removal Secret

Let me firstly say I cant believe I’m showing you pictures of my belly…

My patch of stubborn belly fat has been expertly hidden away under loose fitting clothes for the whole of my adult life. No matter what I ate or how many sit ups I did I could never rid myself of the annoying flab on my belly. Bikinis had been a thing of the past, it embarrassed me when it came to wearing a swimsuit so I’d opted only for one pieces over the last few years.

CoolSculpting has not only changed how my belly looks, it’s changed how I feel and it’s most certainly expanded my wardrobe options. CoolSculpting is a non surgical form of permanent fat removal. By targeting the areas of stubborn fat with extreme cool temperatures CoolSculpting destroys and removes fat cells permanently without surgery.

The whole CoolSculpting process involved minimal pain, in fact I wouldn’t even call it pain just a little discomfort in the days afterwards.

Watch the video for every little detail throughout the whole procedure.

CoolSculpting is only done at the very best cosmetic clinics in the country. I had my CoolSculpting  procedure at Silkwood Medical in Bondi Junction who are without a doubt one of the best in the business. Silkwood gave me plenty of information, care and comfort during the whole experience which I think is the most important aspect of any cosmetic procedure.

For more information on CoolSculpting click HERE or to book a consultation click HERE.

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