05 May Moody Beauty


The first post of an exclusive editorial series for Oz Beauty Expert. Exciting!!! Moody Beauty features beautiful model Bianca Hepburn from London Management. Created by the A-Team ,photographer Sonny Vandevelde, creative director and stylist Marnie Skillings and of course myself on hair and make-up.

This chic sharp and moody look was created using gorgeous products from Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics.

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Above: Bianca wears top by Zhivago, Jewellery by Swarovski, and Youngblood Black Eye-Mazing Liquid Liner on the eyelid for an ultra black eye.

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Above: Bianca wears bodice by Zimmerman, necklace by Swarovski with Youngblood pressed mineral blush in ‘Tangier’.

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Above: Bianca wears Ladakh blouse with Zimmerman top, necklace by Swarovski, Nancy Ganz briefs and Youngblood cosmetics lipstick in ‘Blushing Nude’, with Youngblood Cosmetics ‘Stripped Mighty Shiny Lip Gel’ on the lip and the eye.


lip_gel_stripped copy

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