01 Jun Lipstick Revolution- Lipstick or Lipgloss?

I was going to call this post ‘The Great Lipstick Debate’ I anticipated that after researching what my readers prefer ‘lipstick or lipgloss’ that the results would be equally divided into lipstick die hards and lipgloss addicts. Maybe the debate is just going on in my head? because it seems most of you are overwhelmingly in support of lipgloss!

Prior to the 1980’s lipstick was the number one selling beauty product on the market. It was a little luxury that most women could afford themselves once in a while and almost all women preferred lipstick over gloss. Coming into the 1990’s a full super shiny, glossy pout became more and more popular and by the early 2000’s almost all young women opted for gloss over lipstick. The matte, block colour created by lippy just wasn’t what girls wanted and so we all eventually became converted to gloss.

However in the last 2 years the most fashionable make-up looks have converted back to the more matte bold colour of lipstick. Every magazine, celebrity, and fashionista has been seen in their favourite shade of lipstick! but just because lipstick is ‘hot’ right now in the fashion world doesn’t mean that women are following suit as closely as they have with say colour blocking or desert boots…

My research suggested overwhelmingly that women still prefer gloss. Is it that we aren’t cottoning on to make-up trends as quickly as we do fashion trends? I don’t think so. I LOVE lipstick, I have a draw full of them and I think they look hot! the only problem is they just don’t feel as good as gloss. Unfortunately most lippys can be a bit drying, and because I hate my lips looking all crepey and dry I usually have to dab on a little lip balm as well. And in this I believe lies the answer, Lipstick isn’t as comfortable to wear, and even if you combine it with a lip balm its just not as convenient as using a gloss.

I guess I can be a bit of a slave to fashion and so I will continue to wear my lipsticks, but I think you will all agree that there’s nothing better than a rich creamy gloss to moisturise and protect your lips! Especially if it smells like Cherries…

Kiss Kiss.