10 Oct Lip Service- What You Need To Know About Lip Enhancement

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Full, plump lips… We all want them, but sadly not all of us have them. Alas, there is a way we can all have fuller lips even if we weren’t born with them… We are all aware there are cosmetic procedures that will give us fuller lips in an instant, but how do we know we’re going to get the lips we always dreamed of and not a tragic trout pout? Why are many of us so apprehensive?

I think I can safely speak for all of us when saying we’ve all seen someone who has gone WAY over the top with fillers in their lips, or someone who looks like they have obviously had their lips “done”. We all notice the bad, fake looking lips, however we may not be noticing the good lip enhancements for the simple fact that they look so natural. Many women who have had fillers in their lips, have a really natural looking fuller pout and you may simply not realise that they have had anything done at all- unless they tell you. Usually when people are apprehensive about undergoing lip enhancements its because they are so aware of  ‘bad ‘ results and not so aware of the good ones.

So what do you need to know? How do you make sure you’re going to get the result you want? I spoke with Lisa Sullivan-Smith co-director and founder of The Clinic who comes from an extensive nursing and medical background and specialises in non-surgical cosmetic procedures to compile a list of info you simply must know before you opt for a lip enhancement.

What is used for Lip Augmentation? The most common method of increasing the size of the lips is using injectable fillers similar to hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body which means it is less likely to cause reaction. By injecting the filler you increase the size of the lip, and create a fuller more hydrated lip. “Juvederm Ultra is the preferred product across the industry, and has been the market leader for the last 7 years. Juvederm Ultra has an anaesthetic component within the product, which makes the treatment virtually pain-free”. “Juvederm Ultra allows you to massage the lips to create a very smooth environment. The look is natural and the look is soft, which is very important” says Lisa.

Juvederm will cost more than Perlane or Restylane (also commonly used for lip enhancement) but it seems it really is a superior product and feels much softer, without any bumpiness.

How Popular is Lip Augmentation? “Lip Augmentation is extremely popular in all age groups. Young girls in their early 20’s love full lips, while girls in their 30’s prefer a more subtle look, but also like definition. Women 40 plus don’t often tend to have lip augmentation.” says Lisa.  Lisa suggests for most women over 40 to use fillers to address facial volume loss rather than create bigger lips as it will look much more natural. “Women 40+ often want big lips, but tend to have pre-jowls or sagging skin, such as mid-face volume loss, so I encourage the filler to balance these problems rather than create big lips” .

Which leaves you realising how extremely important it is to have an experienced injector who will recommend the right treatment after considering your personal facial aesthetics rather than just injecting your lips full of filler and leave you looking unnatural.

What are the most important things people need to consider or research before they opt for injectables in your lips? “Clients need to thoroughly research creditentials on injectors i.e. plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians and or Registered Nurses. The 3 different types of injectors all vary with their degree of medical knowledge, but it’s important for the client to go to an injector that injects regularly” says Lisa.

Asking around amongst friends to see who they recommend and arranging several consultations before you have the injections will also give you an idea of who knows what they’re talking about. “Lip augmentation is an art and an experienced eye is essential to create a beautiful lip” Lisa says.

Other important things to remember before being injected- Injectors should only inject in smooth lips. In each case they should always inject individually for each client, in a lot of cases less is more and more can always be added later rather than over doing it in the first instance. Take a visual reference with you to your consultation (e.g a picture of your favourite celebs lips) to ensure both you and your injector are clear on exactly what you want. Very importantly “Don’t go for the cheapest option” says Lisa.

Go for the best injector and the best product- you get what you pay for.

And a few important No No’s prior to your treatment- “No fish oils, no asprin, no visible coldsores, no alcohol within the last 24 hours, no active exercise post treatment, no facial massage or facials” Lisa says are all very important to keep in mind.

COST- You can get lip treatments anywhere from $350 upwards, it all depends on how much product you need and which product you opt for. The cheaper products don’t tend to last as long, with Juvederm Ultra results last up to 12 months. Lisa says”Around $750 for a lip augmentation with Juvederm Ultra”

To contact Lisa Sullivan-Smith at The Clinic, Bondi Junction click HERE.