16 Sep Lazy Sundays

Ever slept with your hair styled and woken up expecting to see a mess but realised your hair has an effortless tousled messy charm? A messy charm that always seems so much harder to do on purpose? I call this my weekend hair or lazy Sunday hair. Being that I often wake up with my ponytail looking softer, looser and messier but kinda cooler than it looked the day before!

This gallery is proof that unbrushed lazy Sunday hair is just effortlessly cool….

tumblr_m7zwlyyD8f1qhw9ygo1_500Here-comes-the-sun-44685726767_8078ea9687_b michaelkors_ss11_00100big_1 screen-shot-2010-10-19-at-19-19-43 Mess tumblr_m549b2sIn31rxhq8no1_500 tumblr_lrsddxMAZ81qiog21o1_500 tumblr_lkcd4jUndR1qdbv1do1_400 Messy-Ponytail-Hairstyle-2 turban bohodiva.com surf chic ponytail-6 269019777710984103nR90Qhvfc

messy-braid-2 messy-braid AW09_2_PG46 Messy-braid-1 28325-Wild-Messy-Braid