Johnson’s not just for babies!!

On both my babies I used Johnson baby products religiously, baby wash, baby shampoo and baby lotion to name a few. With my kids now almost 3 and 5 I still use Johnson’s baby lotion on their skin nightly after showers.

A few weeks back I was sent a lovely care package from Johnson’s to trial not on the kids skin but on my very own. It also came along with the cutest little Peter Alexander Beanie!  Hmmm ok lets give it a go….

As suggested after a shower I have been using the Baby Oil $5.49 on my skin. I have been sooooo dry during winter so the skin (especially on the legs) literally soaked it up. And after a few days my skin went from almost reptile like to soft and smooth (not yet like a baby’s bottom). I use the Sorbolene Cream $4.59 on really dry areas like knees, feet and hands. It works so well and its great for sensitive skin.

And lastly I have been using the baby lotion $5.49 on myself and the kids! It’s a lovely lightweight moisturiser for everyday use.

Who would have thought….? with overflowing drawers of products I ‘m sharing with the kids! Great results, affordable prices and fit for the whole family! Love it!