11 Aug Hygienic Habits


Being in the profession, I’m a stickler for hygienic beauty habits. It’s so important that when I’m making up people’s faces, I’m using clean tools and have clean, germ-free hands. But hygienic habits aren’t just something to be considered by the pros. From the kitchen to the make-up bag, we should all be adopting hygienic habits. Most women are unaware that by having unwashed dirty hands and then applying make-up or skin care, you can contaminate your products and also contaminate your skin with germs.

Here are my top hygiene tips:

1. Hand Sanitisers are the quickest and easiest way to keep your hands germ-free. I keep one in the kitchen, several in my kit, one in the car and one in my bathroom cupboard to clean my hands before I start my beauty regimen.

Palmolive Hand Sanitisers are by far my favourite. Instead of the typical ‘alcohol’ smell, the Palmolive Hand Sanitiser range has delicious fruity scents like Fig & Coconut, Raspberry and Crisp Green Apple and leave the hands feeling clean with no ‘stickiness’. They kill 99.9% of germs and contain light moisturisers.


2. Regularly wipe over brushes with a make-up wipe to remove dirt and every few weeks shampoo and spray with and anti-bacterial product.


3. Wipe over lipsticks after each use, and always spray with an anti-bacterial product if you have been sharing your lippy with friends!


4. Always use clean brushes when applying powder , by dipping dirty brushes into a product you can contaminate the product with bacteria. If you use your fingers to apply any make-up product or moisturiser make sure you use a hand sanitiser to clean them first.


5. Pump packs of hand sanitiser like this are perfect for a make-up kit or for high usage areas like the kitchen. I have one by the kitchen sink and in the car. Crisp Apple is a favourite of mine, it smells so fresh and sweet.


Palmolive Hand Sanitisers are available in smaller 48ml ($3.69) bottles which are perfect for the handbag, gym bag and make-up bag. The larger pump packs are 250ml ($9.58).

The range of Palmolive Hand Sanitisers is available now in leading supermarkets and selected pharmacies. For more information call 1800 802 307.