10 Jan Huntingbird- Fresh Faced Fun

This shoot left me covered in glitter for days. Flowers, confetti and glitter were all being hurled at model Christine throughout the shoot and I think it really helps capture the fun vibe that fashion label Huntingbird are renowned  for.

I created this fresh faced look like this-

*I applied a good foundation base mixed with an illuminate cream, this creates the effect of having clear skin with a dewey natural glow that looks more like real skin than a mask of matte make-up.

* I then applied a white illuminate powder to the brow bones and cheekbones which gave an even more glowy look.

* I dusted over the cheekbones MAC cosmetics blush in ‘Peaches’ for a rosey cheek effect.

* On the lips I used Clinique chubby stick in ‘Two Ton Tomato’ which is a sheer red lipstick, this added a pop of colour without being too dramatic.

* On the eyes I used a light brown shadow along the crease line of the eyelid and under the eye. This gives the eye a little more definition than being completely natural, yet without that obviously made up look.

* I then applied a couple of good coats of mascara for long voluminous lashes.