20 Jun How to Get An Immunity Boost

We all want the secret to fortifying our immune system throughout Winter. Cold’s, Flu and other nasty viruses are more prevalent during the colder months, and although there are a plethora of tonics, supplements and pills that claim to boost immunity there is very little evidence to back these claims up.

Your immunity depends on a complex system of many different types of cells that work together to fight off disease-causing microorganisms. When a product claims to boost immunity you have every right to be skeptical. How can any one product correctly boost the cell production of so many different types of cells, in an extremely intricate system that needs perfect balance to work effectively?

There is also evidence that having too many of some certain immune cells can have a negative effect on the body.

One thing that scientists have proven is that those making healthy lifestyle choices have a stronger immune response and the ability to fend off disease better.

Like so many other illness and ailments, it seems a healthy lifestyle is your best line of defence against cold and flu. Making healthy lifestyle choices will more than likely boost the strength of your immune system.

I spoke with Lisa Guy, naturopath and founder of Bodhi Organic Tea about what herbs we can incorporate into a healthy lifestyle to bolster our immune system.


Echinacea is widely known for its ability to stimulate the immune system to prevent or treat colds and flu. Echinacea contains phenolic compounds, which have the ability to increase the activity and number of immune cells such as T-cells and macrophages. Echinacea can be drank as a tea, or taken as a liquid extract or in tablet form.


Adding garlic to meals is one of the best ways to ward off colds and flu. Garlic contains potent immune strengthening and anti-viral compounds. To get the most out of your garlic, crush it first and don’t overcook it. Raw is best. Add garlic to dips, sauces, and soups.

Cayenne pepper:

Cayenne is beneficial for supporting healthy immune function, and for treating colds and flu, as it helps clear mucus congestion, and eases sore throats and coughs. Spice up pasta sauces, soups, stir-fries and veggie juices with Cayenne pepper.


Adding ginger to stir-fries, soups, curries, salad dressings, chutney, veggie juices or drinking as a tea, is a great way to boost your immunity during winter and reduce inflammation, along with improving circulation and digestion.

Green tea:

Drinking green tea daily can help support healthy immune function. It’s believed that the polyphenols found in green tea, which have potent antioxidant properties, have an immune-enhancing effect.


Thyme has strong anti-bacterial and anti-microbial action, being particularly beneficial in the treatment of bacterial respiratory infections. Add this flavoursome herb to pasta sauces, grilled meats, stews and stocks.


Cloves are beneficial for easing coughs and assisting with expelling respiratory mucous. Cloves also have an antimicrobial action which helps rid the digestive tract of unwanted parasites and bacteria. Cloves can be added to baked goods, Indian dishes, stewed fruit, fruit cakes, and chai tea.


Lisa Guy is a popular Sydney based naturopath who has been practicing for over 15 years.

Lisa has recently created her own organic wellness tea range which contains a variety of beautiful, unique tea blends that help promote good health and wellbeing. You can see the Bodhi Organic Tea range here:


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