How To Avoid A Dodgy Tan

ASU_7878SonnyphotosLThe difference between a killer fake tan and a dodgy tan job is all in the preparation. Preparation is paramount, and not doing it correctly can lead to a patchy uneven tan. If you want a great fake tan you need to consider the following-

Product– research, ask friends and experiment until you find a great product that suits you. The product you choose determines which colour your tan will end up , how it looks, how it will smell as it develops and how it leaves your skin feeling.

Preparation– EXFOLIATE, exfoliate, exfoliate!!! This is so important, basically dead skin collects and absorbs more tan than areas without dead skin build up so if you don’t slough off dead skin build up especially from knees, elbows, hands, neck and feet you will get patches of deeper tan that can look dry, patchy and dirty. If you’ve evenly exfoliated your whole body  your tan will look even and last longer.

Keep an exfoliating glove and some body scrub in the shower so its easy and convenient for you to scrub every time  before you tan. If you’re a perpetual fake tan wearer (like me) give your self a deep exfoliation once a fortnight. I like to scrub two nights in a row before my next fake tan just to make sure I’ve removed all the build up from previous tans. It’s like you’re creating a clean, even canvas for the next application.

If you wear fake tan on your face make sure you use a glycolic based exfoliant, this will gently but effectively slough off dead skin and any build up from previous tans. If you always tan, get into the habit of exfoliating and deeply cleansing your face once a week before you fake tan. There are loads of great glycolic or AHA based exfoliants and masks that are perfect for fake tan preparation. They’re  not only great products for tanning prep but they would compliment any skin care regimen.

ApplicationAlways use an applicator mitt, this will stop you getting those tell tale orange fake tan hands… It also helps with a smoother application. If you find you’re prone to streak marks on hard to reach areas like your back, invest in a specific back applicator…. These things are ingenious and inexpensive.

If you’re leaving it to the pro’s and opting for a spray tan, again do your research. Ask around and see who your friends recommend. Some spray tans will be better than others.

Either way (spray or DIY) while your tan is developing wear loose, dark clothing. A long loose fitting black maxi dress would be ideal… Make sure you stay cool and avoid sweating, this can also lead to some dodgy looking streak marks. Avoid tight underwear, socks and tight strappy things until the tan is developed and you have showered.

Happy Tanning x