11 Aug Hot Celeb Hairstyles

You absolutely cannot get any better than these three HOT celeb hairstyles. Sometimes long hair can get a little boring, and with only a certain amount of ‘go to’ styles up our sleeve it can be tricky to come up with ideas that are not only new but also cool, on-trend hairstyles.

These three styles may look uber glam but in reality after a practice or two they are really simple to recreate!


Olivia Palermo- Textured Wispy Pony Tail


  • Part the hair down the middle. Lift up sections of hair about an inch below the part and gently back comb to give soft volume and lift at the roots. Spray each section lightly with hair spray for hold.
  • Give the hair a generous spray with dry shampoo or a dusting of volume powder at the roots . This enables the light wispy-ness of this look. Follow this by spritzing the ponytail with sea salt spray for a more textured piece-y look.
  • Loosely pull all the hair back into a pony tail in the middle of the back of the head. Secure with an elastic then separate the ponytail into two sections and pull upwards and outwards to gently tighten and lift the style.
  • Next use your fingers or a fine tooth comb to gently lift and loosen tiny wispy sections of hair around the face. Sweep them back wards and lightly tease them with your fingers then spray with hairspray. TIP: do not over spray this will flatten the wispy strands.

Beyonce- Headband/milkmaid Braid



  • Part the hair around the face as you want it to look from the front, and leave out any strands or fringe sections you want loose around you face. Secure these parts out of the way with a band or clips so they don’t get caught up in the braid. If you don’t want any hair or fringe loose around the face ignore this step.
  • Flip your head and all the loose hair forward, it is far easier to start this braid with your head tipped forward and your hair hanging loose.
  • Start braiding from just behind one ear. As you braid only add to each section from the back of the head not from both sides as you usually would.
  • Braid around the head following the path of where a headband would usually sit on the head. By the time you reach the other ear all the loose hair should now be in the braid. Continue to braid until just behind the ear then secure the ends with a small poly band.
  • Tuck the ends under the bulk of the hair and bobby pin in place out of sight.

Kate Bosworth- Faux Bob


  • Part the hair down the middle and tie into a loose ponytail with a hair elastic at the base of the neck.
  • Bear in mind the position you place the elastic will be the base of the ‘faux bob’.
  • Sweep the lengths of the pony tail up into your hands and tuck them up and under where the elastic sits. Secure the lengths of the ponytail at the nape of the neck with bobby pins ensuring you secure the elastic band up and under the hair so it remains hidden.
  • Without pulling any hair loose gently arrange the hair around the shoulders so the base of the ‘faux bob’ is an even length from the back to the front.
  • Gently loosen some wispy section around the face. Lightly spray with hairspray.