20 Jan Hairstyles for Exercise

How to wear your hair when you exercise can be a tricky decision to make… There are so many factors that come into play when you’re about exercise that you wouldn’t normally need to consider when doing your hair.
Is your style going to hold through vigorous exercise? Are you going to sweat? Is loose hair going to annoy you if it dangles in your face? Will you have time to wash it? Do you need to go out or to work immediately after?

All of these questions will dictate the way you do your hair before you work out. I think that if the style is secure, keeps hair off your face, and looks good at the same time you are onto a winner but how about if you need to go out or directly to work and don’t have time to wash your hair? There are a few simple products that if you keep them in your gym bag will enable you to quickly and easily transform your workout hair into work ready hair and disguise sweat at the same time!

  • Headbands that are non slip with good grip yet that are also soft and gentle and wont leave an indent on your hairstyle when you take it off.
  • Hair Elastics that again are non- slip, non damage and wont leave big kinks on your hair when you take them out.
  • Hair pins to secure any shorter loose hairs.
  • Dry Shampoo, a good mist of dry shampoo in the roots after you exercise will disguise any sweat and will make your hair look clean and soft.


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