Hairstyle Of The Week- From TAC

amandaseyfriedJulie Halkidis, Head of the Hairdressing Faculty at The Australasian College Broadway shares her expert tips on how to achieve one of the top summer hairstyles – loose, natural waves just like the amazing Amanda Seyfried’s. Summer is well on the way and there’s no better look at the moment than the loose waves.To create this beautiful summer hairstyle, follow these quick and easy steps.

  • Most people have some sort of natural wave to their hair, whether your hair is thin and straight or thick and curly, salt sprays are a really good way to enhance the natural wave in your hair.
  • Some great salt spray products to use are De Lorenzo’s ‘Elements Ocean Sea Salt Styling Spray’, KMS’ ‘Sea Salt Spray’ and L’Oreal’s ‘EverStyle Texture Series Beach Spray’.
  • To apply the salt spray is simple. You’ll have to experiment to find the method that works best for your hair, but you should spray a little onto wet or damp hair, then cup some ends in your hand and scrunch the hair up to your roots.
  • Repeat this process targeting the areas you want to highlight.
  • Once done either let your hair air dry or use a diffuser, and you’re good to go, rocking a brand new look which is sure to impress this summer.

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