02 Mar Hair Trend Forecast

A new year brings with it a changing in trends. It may not be a total change, some trends will carry on from last year or the year before, some trends will be reborn, and some completely new and possibly surprising trends will be born. To find out what hair tends will the most talked about during 2015 I spoke with Alan Buki owner and director of Alan Buki Hair in Paddington and co-owner of Original Mineral luxury hair care brand. Alan works as a hair director at many top fashion shows and has the ultimate insight into what trends we’ll be seeing more of.

What hair styles do you predict will be trending in 2015 (shape, styles, lengths etc…)?

2015 is the year we will see strong texture forming shape. This means we will see strong colours layered to create texture, and colours that begin nowhere and end nowhere. We will also see texture in styling with curled tonged pieces, and layers. A great example is the long bob which is styled with a curled tong piece.


And here is an example of hair styled with texture in a different degree.
 We will also be seeing a lot of Pony tails, both high and low, with texture through layers in hair.
What about colour? Are there any new colour trends you think will be making an appearance in 2015 or are there old trends/looks that will make a come back?

With colour there is a strong move to metallic shades, fun colours such as  metallic pastel tones which last a month and can be changed frequently.


We will also keep seeing the endless balayage colours, colour that has no beginning and no ending..



When it comes to hair styling what elements of styling do you think will be at the forefront of hair trends in 2015?

Movement in styling will be big. When I say movement I mean texture, and curl. We will see bounce in hair.

Sea Salt Spray was a big one in years gone by but are there any styling products you think will be a must have in 2015?

This year we will see a move towards dry shampoo, used as a styling product. Dry shampoo, not only works to keep your style longer, but can be used to create volume and bounce in the hair, it almost leaves hair feeling like there is chalk in it. This is a great texturizer.


We will also see a bigger move toward heat protection spray, as clients will be curling hair more and drying bigger bounce in hair.

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