13 Aug Good Brushes = Good Hair… Brushology Launches

Most girls use just one brush for their hair, they use the same brush for every purpose because a brush is just a brush right?
Brushes are critical tools that come in every shape and size and will ultimately create and shape your hair style. There are brushes for wet hair, brushes for long hair, brushes for volumising and brushes for smoothing. Literally there is a brush for every different hair type and every different hair style. Using the right brushes means the difference between a style that will last all day yet won’t take all day to achieve.
I am so excited about the new Brushology range from Scunci!!! It’s a professional quality range of brushes that are designed to make great hair styling possible for every girl at home. They are easy to use, comfortable to hold and each have a specific purpose.
There are 14 brushes in the range which to some could seem overwhelming, but the whole concept of the Brushology range is to educate women on what brush to use, when to use it and how to use it.
Stay tuned for more great styling ideas from me using this gorgeous new range, but for now here’s a little 101 session to get yourself familiar with the brushes.
Bonnie xx
See the new Scunci Brushology range HERE.
Available at Big W, Coles and Target.