Get the Girl a Make Under…

It may be the ‘Jersey Shore’ effect I have to blame but more and more I see girls who are in need of a ‘make under’ instead of the old fashioned “make over’. Make-up which is way too dark for their skin, orange fake tans, cat like talons, and extensions that are obviously fake and nasty looking are not unusual to see on a regular day around town. Now don’t get me wrong I love Snooky, and the other guidettes of Jersey Shore but It doesn’t mean they should be fashion or beauty icons…… no no no.

It seems Jenny Frost the british pop star agrees with me. Jenny is hosting a show called Snog.Marry.Avoid a show in which celebrities and other heavily made up gals and guys take part in a ‘make under’. I think we should get a show going like this in Australia!!! How often have you thought ‘ that girl would look so much better if she washed off that ton of make up’?

Here’s a clip and some ‘before and after’s’ from Snog.Marry.Avoid I think it’s really interesting! xx