Fraxel Skin Rejuvenation


look5Being unhappy with your skin can really get you down. And the older you get the more there is to complain about, while I’ve had pigmentation for a while now the fine lines and crepey texture are starting to bother me. After a recent consultation with the lovely staff at The Clinic it was recommended to me that a Fraxel treatment would significantly improve my skin. I was ( as always) keen to try anything that would make my skin look better.

When most Australian women consider taking action to improve their skin and fight the signs of ageing they automatically consider Botox or fillers when in actual fact if they rid themselves of an uneven skin tone, pigmentation, and sun damage with a skin treatment like Fraxel their skin would look more youthful, refined, and less lined. Imagine if your skin was in bad shape and you only opted for fillers to plump out lines, the end result would be a still uneven tone and textured complexion with a more plump appearance- it’s more than likely you still wouldn’t be happy with it. Perhaps if the skin was treated first to get an even, glowing skin tone most women would find they need minimal if any fillers at all.

Fraxel re:store is a fractional Laser treatment. It fires small columns of intense laser energy into the skin, stimulating the development of new collagen fibres. Fraxel softens fine lines and wrinkles, reduces sun damage, reduces acne scarring, and smooths skin tone and texure. In crude terms Fraxel is a deep exfoliant effectively removing the majority of excess dead skin build up on the skin and offers a much deeper rejuvenation than say the usual AHA or Glycolic acid peel. Fraxel re:store which is offered at The Clinic is different to Fraxel re:fine – it can only be used by , a nurse or doctor in medically trained clinics and is much more powerful than the Fraxel re:fine.

It was hard for me to find the time to have 5 days down time after the treatment, yet when I finally had the treatment the down time wasn’t anywhere near as bad as what I expected. No, I wouldnt be heading out to a party or wedding but with a bit of make-up and sunglasses I was fine to be out and about. The treatment was only mildly uncomfortable, it was a little stingy but I’d say a 1 or 2 out of 10 on the pain scale. After the treatment my face was very hot, like intense sunburn for about an hour or so but after that there was no discomfort at all. The following days were a progression of my skin going darker and flaking off and by day 5 all of the dark skin had come off although I had another 5 days of dry feeling and lightly flaky skin.

By day 10 my skin felt amazing! My pigmentation has gone, the fine lines around my eyes are much softer and I’m not wearing foundation. I don’t need it! My skin is clear there is nothing to cover. I am loving every minute… See my day to day Fraxel diary and progress in the “glamorous” pictures below….Needless to say Fraxel is something I will incorporate into my skin care routine every now and then but I will leave that to the girls at The Clinic to tell me when I need my next treatment. Investing in good skin is a must, and I am absolutely trusting the girls at The Clinic in guiding me to what I need for the best skin possible.

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Post copy

Before the treatment- you can see the light and dark pigmentation on my cheeks and chin, a combination of hormonal pigment and sun damage.

Day 1

Day 1 post treatment. My skin is swollen, red and the pigment is looking darker.

day 2

Day 2- The swelling and redness has reduced but my skin feels like sandpaper and the pigmentation is very dark.


Day 3- All swelling and redness has gone and my skin is just rough and dark. The dark skin is beginning to fall of in patches, revealing the new clear skin beneath.


Day 4- A lot of the dark skin has come off in large patches, most of my skin is clear. One cheek has lost most of the dark dead skin while the other still has a bit. My forehead was the last to loose the dead skin.

Day 10

Day 10- Finally my skin is starting to glow. While all the dark dead skin had come off by day 5-6 it still felt and looked dry until today. Today it is glowing and I am wearing NO foundation just blush, mascara and eyeliner.