Flawless Face- Laura Mercier


I’ve recently been road testing the new Flawless Face range from Laura Mercier. Having never used Laura Mercier before I didn’t know what to expect but after a few practice runs and playing with the products I think I got the Flawless Face routine down pat. Laura Mercier’s 4 step Flawless Face routine consists of –

1.Foundation Primer

2. Foundation

3.Concealer and Camoflage

4. Setting Powder

The products were lovely and the range has a really wide array of colours and products to suit all skin tones and all skin types.

The Foundation Primer $45. Is used to prepare the face for a perfect foundation application. It helps the foundation to wear better and it makes it easier to apply and blend. I really liked this primer, its a lightweight gel and it gives the skin a light hydration to clear away any dry skin before you apply foundation.

I opted to try the Supreme Moisture Foundation $59. I found this foundation to be really hydrating with a velvety finish, one thing I think is important with moisturising foundations is that they arent too shiny. This one has just a subtle shine but overall it’s more of a velvety look.

I also used the Secret Concealer $45. This concealer was a lot heavier than the concealer I ‘m used to using however it is excellent at concealing hard to cover blemishes. I found it best applied with my finger as the warmth from my fingertips blended it perfectly. I’d probably avoid too much of this one around the eye area as it could accentuate fine lines if over-applied. As far as covering blemishes go this one is a winner!

Lastly was the Loose Setting Powder $68. Its a translucent powder perfect for setting liquid foundations and for preventing shine throughout the day. I found this powder works well with any foundation and is a great option for any one with shine control issues. You can apply it as many times as you want during the day without it getting cakey.

To use the Laura Mercier  online Flawless Face finder CLICK HERE

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