26 Nov Five Steps To Keep Your Hair Looking Great This Summer



Julie Halkidis, Head of the Hairdressing Faculty at The Australasian College Broadway shares her expert tips on how to keep your hair looking smooth, slick and fabulous in the summer heat.

  1. Stay hydrated
    When your body is hydrated your hair will retain its natural moisture helping to reduce frizz. Drink lots of water every day to help keep your hair healthy during the summer heat.
  2. Use a leave-in conditioner
    Most leave-in conditioners contain a UV filter to protect your hair from the damaging rays of the sun. They also help your hair retain moisture stop it from going frizzy.
  3. Turn on the cold tap
    When washing your hair use cool water instead of warm water as this helps to seal down the cuticle layer of your hair leaving them smooth and frizz-less.
  4. Take care at sea!
    Swimming in chlorinated or salt water can be very damaging to the hair. A good tip is to condition your hair before getting in the water to limit the amount of chlorine or salt water that your hair soaks up.
  5.  Avoid using heat on the hair.
    Allow hair to air dry and wear simpler styles that do not require heat applications to create. Some good hairstyles include; buns, braids and knots, they’re cool and cute to wear while minimising damage to your hair. These styles also have the added benefit of hiding frizz.

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