16 Feb Fashionably Flawless Skin

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that the hottest beauty asset you can have is great skin. All the looks that are at the forefront of beauty trends involve skin that is radiant and clear, has minimal make-up and seems to glow from within. So how do you pull it off? How do you lay off the heavy foundation and go out into the world without your ‘face’ on…..?

The answer is simple, GREAT SKIN CARE…

To pull off the natural skin look it goes without saying you want your skin to look it’s best. This means finding the right products for your skin type and ones which will address your skin care concerns, and putting them together in a daily skin care routine that will really work wonders for you.

You can still rock a smoky eye or bold a lip like I did in this editorial, but the key to getting this look right is avoiding the ‘mask of make-up’ look. Avoid heavy foundations and stick to light weight BB creams and concealers, which add radiance and even out your skin tone but essentially they’ll let your own skin be seen, and your natural radiance shine through.

That’s exactly what I did in my latest editorial shoot. I prepped my skin in advance by religiously using my Dr. LeWinns skin care regimen, and by the time shoot day came my skin was looking and feeling great. I barely wore any foundation at all, just a little concealer and a light dusting of mineral powder which I paired with all sorts of looks- False lashes, smoky eyes, bold lips etc etc etc…. Just because you don’t wear much foundation doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous right?

So the first step to fabulously flawless skin is finding the right skin care routine for you. Below I’ve prescribed a few groups of brilliant products from Dr.LeWinns that would make an excellent skin care routine for each specific skin type/concern.


This first selection of products from Dr.LeWinns includes their Eternal Youth Day and Night Cream and Day and Night Serum which offer supreme, long lasting hydration and powerful anti-ageing technology to fight and reverse the signs of ageing. Combined with the Sensitive Cleansing Milk and Refining Toner this skin care routine will give you the ultimate in anti-ageing, nourishment and rejuvenation.

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Dr. LeWinn’s  Sensitive Cleansing Milk 200ml RRP$29.95

Dr. LeWinn’s  Refining Toner 200ml RRP$29.95

Dr. LeWinn’s  Line Smoothing Complex S8 Eye Recovery Complex  15g RRP $69.95

Dr. LeWinn’s  Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream 50g RRP $69.95

Dr. LeWinn’s  Eternal Youth Day & Night Serum 30ml RRP $69.95


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This combo of products are the ultimate solution to improve firmness and elasticity. If you’re concerned and about saggy skin and loss of firmness these are the products for you! With a highly advanced pro-elastin and pro-collagen formula the Dr. LeWinns Ultra R4 products are the leaders in improving skin firmness and giving you plumper, firmer more resilient skin.

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Dr. LeWinn’s  4-Fusion Cleansing Oil 200ml RRP $29.95

Dr. LeWinn’s  Refining Toner 200ml RRP $29.95

Dr. LeWinn’s  Ultra R4 – Eye Repair Cream  15g RRP $69.95

Dr. LeWinn’s  Ultra R4 – Ultimate Lift Serum  30ml RRP $69.95

Dr. LeWinn’s  Ultra R4 – Restorative Cream  50g RRP $9.95

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This skin care routine is for those concerned with dryness and fine lines. Dr. LeWinn’s  Line Smoothing Complex S8 Instant Line Eraser Serum works to visibly improve fine lines, increase radiance and plump up the skin while the day cream leaves you with intense continuous hydration and works to nourish cellular damage and reduce fine lines. After using this routine regularly your skin will feel amazing! Clean, even, plump and glowing…

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Dr. LeWinn’s  Foaming Cleanser 200ml  RRP$29.95

Dr. LeWinn’s  Purifying Toner 200ml RRP$29.95

Dr. LeWinn’s  Line Smoothing Complex S8 Eye Recovery Complex 15g RRP$69.95

Dr. LeWinn’s  Line Smoothing Complex S8 Instant Line Eraser Serum  20ml RRP$69.95

Dr. LeWinn’s  Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream 30g RRP$69.95

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