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Could this be THE most wearable look from fashion week? Of course I always love to swoon over the latest fashion week hair and make-up looks but in reality not many of them are actually wearable on an everyday basis. Looks created from fantasy, extreme hairstyles, and avant-garde make-up look undeniably brilliant on the runway, but if you were to wear that look in your everyday life, chances are you’d look pretty ridiculous!

That’s why when I saw this STUNNING look at Michael Losordo it struck me as a very wearable look. With healthy glowing skin, wine stained lips and a soft wispy up-do this look ticked all the boxes…..

Pretty, feminine, easy to achieve and very ‘on trend’- tick, tick, tick!

The thing that struck me most was the skin, it looked so dewy and healthy. This combined with the soft hairstyle and the stained lip was a match made in heaven. So how did the experts create this radiance?

The answer is Skin Inc. Skin Inc is the first skin care range of it’s type. It’s a fully customizable skin care regimen, that tailors products to your exact needs. Skin Inc does an analysis of your skin through a short survey and recommends a combination of three skin boosters in a personalized serum that you use each day. Having skin care products that are a custom fit to your skin will make sure you aren’t wasting your money on ingredients you don’t need, and that you are only using things that will benefit your skin.

Needless to say the models were thrilled at having their skin pampered and their own custom blend skin care mixed up for them!

Skinc 141

Skinc 059 A custom blend for one of the models. Concern- ‘tiredness’. Prescription- Chlorella, Vitamin A, Hyaluronic Acid.

You can take the Skin Inc Skin Identity test HERE and find out what your skin really needs.

 Skin Inc also created a My Daily Dose concoction for my personal skin concerns, it included Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and French Pine Bark.

Wispy buns by Redken.

Wispy buns by Redken.

My Daily Dose

My Daily Dose

Skinc 121

The girls after their skin pampering.

Skinc 133Skinc 170 Skinc 054

Skin Inc is available online HERE, and also at and Sephora.

Skinc 138

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Beauty- Skin Inc

Hair- Redken

Make-up- Maybelline

REDKEN MBFWA 2015 Michael Lo Sordo Hair by Richard Kavanagh_Runway-2