08 Dec Fake Freckles: Yay or Nay?

The fake freckle trend has been surprisingly popular in 2016 and personally; I’m not sure how to feel about it. When I was younger I had my little sister constantly complaining about her freckled face and always envied me as I had quite smooth skin with one or two freckles. Now, this fake freckle trend has come out of nowhere, with some women going to the lengths of getting them tattooed on their face.

A lot of beauty gurus online have also been loving the fake freckle trend, incorporating them into their latest makeup looks… I guess it’s all about personal preference. I have quite olive skin with dark brown hair; therefore I don’t necessarily like the look of dark brown fake freckles on my face. Other’s love the bare face and fresh freckles look, especially the light hair and fair skinned.

Now that it’s summer, and you don’t want to get permanent freckles from the sun, then there are some super easy and affordable options, which will give you the natural sun kissed freckle look.

Companies have brought out stencils and temporary tattoo methods where you simply place the stencil or tattoo on the area you want your fake freckles and dab them with a wet cloth until the stencil glides off your face and transfers the freckles. To me this would be quite tricky, especially with a full face of makeup.

Other options include simply using an eye shadow, eyeliner or pomade that match your other freckle shade and place them on your face with a small eyeliner brush and light dotting motions. This will help make the freckles look as natural as possible. In order for them to stay in place simply spritz your face with a setting spray or hairspray.


Image from Instagram

So what do you think? Is it a trend worth trying or does it seem like a waste of time? I think the faux freckle trend is helping women with naturally born freckles feel more confident and give them the boost to embrace their freckled skin. Now that it’s summer I might have to give it a go!