15 Jul Embracing Messy Hair

After such a long time taking good care of my hair, learning the art of meticulous styling, and perfecting the silky wave it was a hard task breaking old habits and embracing the messy hair trend. At the first sight of fly aways or frizz my instincts were screaming at me (straightener, straightener, straightener!!!)…

It took some time finding the right low maintenance hairstyles but once I embraced the messy hair style trend I couldn’t help but LOVE everything about it.

You gotta love waking up in the morning, giving your hair a shake and it looking beachy, messy and FAB.

I truly think one of the main secrets of being able to embrace the messy look is finding the right texture spray. These products leave it looking salty, beachy and messy but take away the frizz by making strands of hair cling together in tendrils.

These are my top three hairstyle options for embracing the messy look-

messy out 1

Messy Hair Out

To get this look right simply spray in some texture spray, give it a shake and a scrunch with the fingers and you’re good to go. The best thing about this look is it looks even better when you get out of bed in the morning. If you have curly hair I’d recommend smoothing the hair out with a straightener first.

Messy B1

The Messy Braid

This look is majorly trending right now… it captures the very essence of all things HOT in beauty and fashion – effortlessness, softness, cool and pretty.

The first key step to creating a messy braid is not pulling the hair too tight when you are about to start braiding, make sure the hair is loose from the scalp and stays loose in your fingers while you braid. This can be done with absolutely ANY style braid. Once you have finished the braid and secured it with a hair tie pull on each section of the braid to loosen it up, almost as if you were going to pull sections out. The more uneven it looks and the more fly aways and loose strands the better it will look. This is another look you could sleep in and it would probably look better the next day!

messy bun 1

The Messy Bun

The steps to create this one are similar to the steps for the braid. Start your bun with a ponytail, the key step is to have the pony tail secured loosely, away from the scalp. It works for any bun style (high or low) and the best part is you can literally twist up the ends and pin them anywhere. Again, the more uneven and the more fly aways and loose section the better. So if its looking too neat gently pull out small strands- this also looks great with loose strands around the face. If you want extra volume in the bun use a dohnut or bun maker tool these are really easy to use and look great.

If you want a more textured look (similar to below) spritz in some texture spray liberally before doing the bun and you will get a grittier more edgy look.

messy bun2


Written by me for the Yahoo7 Pantene Blogger Wall.