14 Nov Do You Really Need Heat Protectant Hair Products?

Heat protecting styling products; we’ve all heard of them but there’s a good chance not all of us who should be using one (everyone) actually are. It’s something hairdressers have told me time and time again to use but for a long time I didn’t listen. Why? Because I couldn’t find a product that I actually liked using. So many formulas either made my hair feel greasy, weighed down or took out too much texture. So even though I heat style my hair every day, I continued to ignore the need for heat protection products and soldiered on.

It’s not until recently when a few were recommended to me that I actually gave them a try and found one I really like. And although it’s a fussy process going through options to find one you like it’s actually really important for your hair. Here’s why;

When you use heat styling tools on your hair, that being hairdryer’s, straightener’s curlers etc. you’re applying temperatures up to and sometimes over 200 degrees. Heat like that affects hair in multiple ways. It causes the pigments that give your hair colour to change, breaks down keratin proteins that give your hair strength, cracks the outer cuticle of your hair causing it to fray and look frizzy and all moisture from your locks gets turned to steam and evaporates, causing breakages as it does so.

Heat damaged hair appears dull, frizzy, dry and generally breaks really easily making it difficult to grow length. Because of the way heat affects colour pigments, heat damage can also cause bleached blond hair to turn brassy or darker ends to fade and take on greyish tones.

Heat protectant products come in a few different forms with the most common being sprays. You can also find gel’s, balms and oils and there’s a multitude of shampoos and conditioners that boast heat protecting qualities. Whilst they don’t actually completely protect your hair from heat damage, products are shown to reduce the amount of damage caused by heat by up to 50%, which can make a huge difference to your hair quality.

Whilst all formulas are a little different, in general, heat protecting products work by coating the hair with a thin layer of ingredients such as silicone. These ingredients slow down the conduction of heat and spread it more evenly onto your hair. This means that your hair will heat up more slowly and evenly which causes less damage than it being blasted with heat. Ingredients also work to leave a protective barrier on your hair, sealing the cuticle to prevent the loss of moisture.

With consistent use, heat styling products will not only prevent further damage but can also begin to smooth out and repair damage that’s already been caused (although nothing will beat a trip to the hairdressers for ditching damaged ends). It’s important that you use heat protectant before every single time you style your hair. That means spraying your wet locks before you blow dry and even your dry hair before you straighten or curl it.