Dirty 30

Yes today is the day when I officially start lying about my age, how does 25 sound? I’ll stick with that.

On my 30th birthday I am on holiday in the beautiful North Island of New Zealand with my beautiful little family and some of my closest friends. And after a day of adventure and sight seeing I’m looking forward to popping a bottle of Verve and getting happy hour into full swing.

On this day i thought I might share a few insights into how I am feeling at this ripe old age….hehe

– I notice that I feel the need to wear make up everyday now. Gone are the days of au naturel BOO! but I just wear really natural looking make-up. Its all Smoke and Mirrors baby!

– I feel my age when I go out in Bondi… I totally don’t get the shaggy bearded boho style the guys are wearing around there. What happened to being clean  cut? these guys look homeless and like they need a shave and shower. I mean rugged is good- vagrant is not. I realised you only show everyone your age when you voice these observations…. Note to self keep mouth shut when out in Bondi.

– I’m more concerned with skin care that works. I take the time to find out what is fluffy and what is really going to work. – AHA, vitamin A and C are the super ingredients I’m after. AHA and exfoliation are the key to glowing skin, listen to me when I say that using an AHA product will make your skin look great!

– I still have all my grandparents alive. I realise at 30 a lot of people have lost a beloved grandparent to old age, but I still have all 4. I ‘m blessed to have such loving people in my lives, I love spending time with them and hearing their thoughts and opinions on life because after all they have been living it alot longer than I have. Two of them are the fittest 80 year olds you will ever meet who do a 10km bike ride each morning, one is best described as a gypsy who tells some hilarious stories, and the other is the kindest most loving and generous man I have ever met.

– I am incredibly aware of the dangers of the sun. Although I’m a beach girl I never get burnt. I wish I could take back all the days of sun baking from my teens and early 20’s. I have sunscreen in my day cream and in my make-up, I wear a hat when ever I go out in the sun and would consider wearing a rashy or wetsuit to cover my body…. but my ego won’t let me- moving on…

– I eat healthy and exercise most days. Sunday is my guilt free day I eat what I want, and today is my birthday so I’ll eat what I want and drink what I want….yay!  but do look after your health, it really is the most important thing in your life.

– I try to enjoy everyday and not take things for granted, you never know what lies ahead. I feel so lucky to have my health and to wake up each morning with my family and friends close by.

Have a great day, and happy birthday to any other fellow Pisceans.

Happy birthday to me! xx