DETOX and immune boost- Olive Leaf Extract

Now beauties I’m not sure if it was the crappy pre-christmas weather we had but there seemed to be an unusual amount of cold and viruses going around for this time of year. Annoyingly I ‘m prone to sinus infections, in fact my sinuses drive me mad! Whenever I get run down or over tired I get some kind cold or sinus related bug. As part of my new years resolution to be a healthier me, I’ve looked into what vitamins and supplements I should be taking.

The product that seems to be in all the headlines is Olive Leaf Extract. I have friends who swear  that they hardly ever get sick when they are taking it.

Fresh-picked Olive Leaf Extract is a supplement which has been used for centuries since the Ancient Egyptians for overall health and immunity. There is now a lot of science behind olive leaf extract showing benefits for Immunity and cardiovascular support. It’s been on A Current Affair and  headlines for Winner of the Australian Women’s Weekly Health and Wellbeing Product fo the Year Award among a multitude of others.

Im now taking Olive Leaf extract as part of my daily routine, and so far so good. The taste isn’t great…. I found that if i mixed it with juice it made the juice taste sour so the best way is to just shot it down, followed by a glass of water. If you’re serious about your health this year and want a great immune booster Olive Leaf Extract is Australia’s most sought after supplment.

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