Dermalogica Solar Defense



This beautiful Dermalogica product has been invaluable to me. During my month in the tropics I was exposed to a huge amount of sun and UV rays and while I try my hardest to protect my face it is hard to wear sunscreen all the time. The Dermalogica Solar Defense  solves all my sunscreen woes and by simple adding a couple of drops to either your moisturiser or your make-up you are ensuring your skin has 50+SPF protection. The point of difference with this product is that it doesn’t alter the way your make-up or moisturiser feels, it goes undetected and doesn’t leave the whitish tell-tale glow a 50+ sunscreen can, nor does it leave your skin feeling greasy or oilier than usual. I was adding a few drops to everything I put on my face and it still felt light, non greasy and gave me the best UV protection I could get.

Dermalogica Solar Defense 50+SPF $60 50ml.