Dare Temporary Hair Colour- So Pretty!


This is the perfect option for those of you keen to experiment with a bit of colour in your hair. I’ve always wanted something longer lasting than hair chalk but definitely not permanent and easy to remove.

Dare Temporary Hair Colours tick all the boxes. Available in STUNNING colours they last anywhere from 3 to about 20 washes and believe me they are just so much fun! When you first apply the colour it’s quite bright especially if you’re blonde, but the more you shampoo the lighter it gets and gradually you can get a really pretty pastel colour. The lighter your hair the longer the colour will last.

photo 2

There’s no denying it works best on blondes, but you do get a nice hue on brunettes also.Its just no where near as dramatic, but take a look for yourself in the pic below of the colour ‘Raspberry Sorbet’ on a brunette.


And Forbidden Grape on a blonde below- This was after Shampooing twice


The Dare campaign imagery below is STUNNING and gives you an idea of what you can achieve. These colours would have all been on a blonde base, but either way these colours are a great option for a temporary and colourful change.

Available from HairHouse Warehouse stores nation wide and online HERE. For your local stockist click HERE