11 Jul Cracked Heels? The Perfect Solution


Dry cracked feet are a common problem not just in winter but all year round, not only do  they look ugly but it can be painful. My heels were a nightmare about a month ago. They were so dry and cracked that skin was actually splitting around my big toe and it was PAINFUL not to mention it looked hideous! Needless to say when I discovered Softsole an exfoliating foot peel that offered to rid me of my cracked heels and dry flaky feet I was eager to put it to the test.

Softsole is a pair of plastic socks filled with an exfoliating solution made up of Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid and vitamin E. You cut open the socks put them on and leave them on for 2 hours. Once the time is up you take them off and at first glance nothing has changed, however in 3-5 days you can really see a big difference!

The dry cracked skin begins to peel off from all over the feet, it looks a tad scary, so during this time its best to wear filled in shoes, I literally had skin falling off everywhere! It takes a total of about 2 weeks for the flaking to stop and when it does you are left with a clear ,fresh, smooth layer of skin. The cracks are gone and the hard build up of dead skin is gone too.

I’ve been a long term sufferer of severly cracked heels and Softsole is a perfect solution. I’d probably recommend to use them twice a year, or more regularly for athletes and I’d recommend to do it in winter or during a time you know you’ll be wearing enclosed shoes. Like I said, when skin is peeling off your entire foot it can look quite scary, but its all in aid of the end result and an exceptional result it is.

Softsole $24.95 is available from Pricline, Price Attack Big W and other leading retailers.