Comfort Beauty

How do you get really comfy? If you’re like me, the minute you get home all you want to do is get comfortable. On with the comfy clothes, off with your jewelry and make-up and of course whacking your hair up into a ponytail or bun. Keeping my hair off my face is probably the most important part of being comfortable, I want it to stay off my face and tied up, yet I want it to feel loose and soft. Scunci have come up with a new comfort range which is the perfect option to tie your hair up while you relax. No pesky, tight, headache-worthy headbands or elastics here, only super soft stretchy and non slip fabrics that are so comfy you could sleep in them. I head straight to my drawer full of Comfort Range headbands and elastics each day, as soon as I get home.

Scunci Comfort Range is available at Target, Big W, and Priceline.

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