21 Jun Colour Theory Will Make Your Eyes Pop

 You may vaguely remember the term ‘colour theory’ from your schooling years. It involves a colour wheel, primary colours, secondary colours, etc. Colour Theory is a make-up artists best friend and learning the basics can take your make-up application to the next level.

Enhancing your eye colour with complimentary eye shadow combinations will make your eyes stand out and help you look your best.

Whether you have blue, green, brown or hazel eyes, here are some suggestions to help your peepers pop!

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes look best with earthy tones such as peaches, browns, taupes, golds and slate greys. Pops of a bright pink or rose shade can really make blue eyed beauties stand out. For a day look, light washes of peach or champagne shades are complimentary. After dark, blue eyes look piercing with a grey or charcoal smokey eye.
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Green Eyes

If you have green eyes, you’ve probably heard that purple is the best shade to bring them out. While this is true, purple is a tricky shade to pull off. Try applying a neutral base to the lid and using a violet or plum shade on the outer corners of your eyes. If you still find this intimidating, blend out the purple with a brown shadow over the top. This will still enhance your eyes without being obvious.


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Brown Eyes

Brown eyes look great with most colour combinations. Try incorporating deeper shades such as navy or purple eye shadows in your routine to draw attention to your eyes. A great way to do this is to use an angled brush to blend colour along your lower lash line with a deep shade, while keeping the rest of your eye makeup simple.

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Hazel Eyes

As hazel eyes are in between green and brown coloured eyes, shades for either work well. If you have gold flecks in your eyes a great tip is to bring them out with a shadow that has gold shimmer in it.

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Written by Sophie Howe.