Clean and Clear- Morning Burst launch

Clean and Clear have just released their latest fresh new range of cleansers and scrubs- The Morning Burst Range. They did it in style with a launch party at the Ivy which sadly I couldn’t make it to. The range includes scrubs exfoliants and cleansers in three types for different skin types-

*Skin Brightening (Yellow)- which smells tropical and fruity. This one is suitable for those who want a boost for a dull or tired complexion, its ingredients include caffeine for cell stimulation, Papaya and Lemon all of which are also detoxing.

*Shine Control (Green)- This type is oil free and conatins lemongrass and fruit extracts. This one smells like lime and is very refreshing. Suitable for oily or combination skin types.

*Facial Cleanser and Exfoliant (Orange)- This one is for normal to combination skin types. It smells of sweet orange and it’s oil free. It contains anti-oxidants Ginseng and Vitamin C.

I’ve been lucky enough to try the range and I liked it, it’s an affordable option for those of you wanting a simple solution to help clear up or improve problem skin without making a huge investment in skincare. The products leave the skin feeling clean and fresh and don’t leave any residue. Some thought has been put into creating these products, and the three different types make it more suited to a wider audience. At $10.99 each its a bargain price!

For Stockists Call- 1800 029 979