Christmas Party Make-up Tips-


As the silly season approaches here are few tips from the Australasian College Broadway’s make-up experts that are sure to make you shine at Christmas parties.

  1. The number one rule for a gorgeous finish to any make-up is blending. Always remember to use a translucent powder under your bronzer, especially in summer on hot and humid evenings so your bronzer doesn’t stick.
  2. Use a primer to keep your make-up looking flawless and for lasting effects. If you want a dewy look, stay away from over powdering your face and instead powder the T-zone, leaving your cheek bones looking shiny and fresh.
  3. When applying foundation, be sure to minimise any application on, or near lines or wrinkles in the skin as you don’t to accentuate these areas.
  4. Liquid liner is all the rage, try using waterproof mascara as a liner, it’ll provide lasting effect and it’s totally smudge proof.

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