Chemical Peels, AHA’s, Laser??…. Which treatment is best you?

Whether its Acne scarring, pigmentation or fine lines and wrinkles the treatment options are vast. So how do we know what  is best for us and our particular skin concern? It can undoubtedly get confusing not to mention expensive so I spoke with the experts from Results Laser Clinic to get some answers.

When would you recommend a chemical peel over laser treatment?

At Results Laser Clinic, our professional and ethical responsibility to our clients is to provide them with the best possible treatment, service and education that money can buy. If the client’s skin tone was too dark for lasers, then we would definitely opt for a light 30% Lactic acid peel, followed by infusing active cosmeceutical products with key ingredients of Vitamin C, Retinol and Vitamin E, then regular homecare products to maintain and enhance treatment results is crucial.

Laser treatments can be slightly more costly in comparison to chemical peels, so whilst lasers are definitely the preferred option not all clients can afford regular full face laser treatments and cosmeceutical homecare products.

What is more effective on treating Acne scars? Laser or Chemical Peel?

Definitely Laser! Results Laser Clinic offers several laser solutions depending on the individual client’s needs. For coloured surface scaring we used an advanced IPL technology, and for pitted acne scaring we use a fractional laser. Laser resurfacing is more effective than any light based treatment on the market and also less painful and risky than ablative treatment such as Fraxel; hence why Results Laser Clinic only uses non-ablative technology as it is the safer option for our clients.

Chemical peels work well also, but the results are a lot slower in comparison to laser technologies.

I recently wrote an article on the best solutions for pigmentation. What treatments would you recommend to reduce pigmentation?

There are around five different types or causes of pigmentation. In order to effectively remove the appearance of blotchy, uneven pigmentation the ‘trigger’ or ‘cause’ must be identified and eliminated before treating the concern. For example, during pregnancy most females experience Melasma; hormonal pigmentation, otherwise known as the pregnancy mask. This type of pigmentation will often naturally disappear post pregnancy and once no longer lactating, but trying to treat this condition whilst the hormonal stimulant is still present is pointless. So, the steps to success are; remove the pigment trigger, religiously wear a broad spectrum SPF 30+, avoid excessive sun exposure, topical homecare application of cosmeceutical skincare is vital, plus regular clinic treatments (often determined by $$) the cheaper options are Medical strength Microdermabrasion treatments, and chemical peels, but best results are seen with medical grade fractional lasers and IPL technologies. In terms of the best solution for pigmentation; so many variables impact on the answer to this question such as; the aesthetic sophistication of the client and the level of commitment that they are prepared to dedicate to their skin goals, their skin tone and colour, medications and medical conditions, age, general health and diet plus also their budget.

What is the recovery time after having a chemical peel? Is it painful?

Again, all peels work slightly differently, with regards to the lactic peel the actual treatment causes a slight tingling, or pins and needles feeling in the skin, but no pain. Lactic Peels cause minimal irritation or redness. Any minor irritation or flaking is easily covered with make-up. These treatments are NOT skin peels as such and there is usually no obvious peeling of the skin after the treatment. They work by enhancing the skin’s own regenerative capacity and it is not necessary to see peeling for them to be working. There is usually no disruption to normal work or social commitments.

The number of treatments needed will depend upon the condition of your skin. Young skin may only need an occasional treatment to maintain its youthful freshness, while older, badly sun damaged skin will benefit from an initial course of 6-10 treatments.

What treatment would you recommend to someone concerned with fine lines and ageing skin?

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peels in strengths of either 30% or 50% Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or fruit acids such as glycolic and lactic acids improve the condition of the skin and help you maintain a healthy, glowing complexion. AHAs do this by encouraging the production of collagen which helps to decrease wrinkles and produce tighter, more youthful-looking skin Lactic Acid dissolves the “glue” that holds dead cells to the surface of the skin. It is this layer of dead cells, which gives the complexion a rough, dull appearance. When these dead cells are removed, the underlying layer of fresh new cells is exposed. This layer has a smoother texture and a more even colour. Pores are refined and the skins texture refined. At higher concentrations, Lactic Acid encourages the skin to manufacture more of its own collagen and elastin, leading to a reduction of fine wrinkling. Regular use of homecare products containing Lactic Acid will help to stimulate new cell growth so that the top layer of living cells actually becomes plumper, creating a tightening of the skin and a reduction in fine wrinkles and scars.

What skin concerns do you find are the most common you treat?

At Results Laser Clinic, our teams of highly skilled industry professionals offer treatment solutions that successfully treat and combat a vast range of common concerns including; common skin conditions, pigmentation, acne skin conditions and other facial changes that occur over time such as facial lines and wrinkles and volume loss. We also specialize in Laser hair removal, Tattoo removal, Fractional Laser treatments for stretch marks, deep wrinkle correction, pitted or surgical scarring, Intense pulsed light treatments for Rosacea, capillaries, sun damage and photo rejuvenation. Lasers that specifically target spider veins, perform skin tightening, and treat darker skins. Cosmetic teeth whitening, numerous different chemical peels, medical strength Microdermabrasion…

Ageing concerns have and always will be the most highly sought after treatments. Treatment solutions offered at Results Laser Clinic include; in past years, pigmentation concerns were second on the list. However, in the 21st century consumers are more sun educated than ever before, but adult acne is definitely on the rise, with over 50% of adults in Australia reporting concerns of breakouts post puberty.

Results Laser Clinic treats an array of common skin concerns including ageing, pigmentation and acne. As we age changes begin to appear over time such as facial lines and wrinkles and volume loss.

Results Laser Clinic facial enhancement rejuvenation treatments such as cosmetic injectables, to deliver innovative treatment solutions ensuring real results, and optimum patient satisfaction first time every time.

If you could offer one piece of skin care advice to everyone, what would it be?

Wear Sunscreen daily! The sun’s harmful rays have been proven to cause up to 80% of the bodies external ageing process. The most cosmetically harmful rays are UVA rays, often called the ageing rays. These rays cannot be felt by heat, and are present every minute of the day; rain, hail or shine. They destroy the skins collagen and elastin, trigger free radical activity, enhance blotchy uneven pigmentation and of course cause skin cancers!

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