25 Aug Hollywood Smile Transformations

smile6Celebrities are not only the biggest influencers, tastemakers and trendsetters of fashion but they also set the standard of what people believe we should aspire to look like. And celebs definitely put their money were their mouth is when it comes to beauty… You’d struggle to find a celebrity with crooked teeth or a less than bright white smile, as it seems they all pay a visit to the Hollywood tooth fairy on their way to fame. Our smile and teeth play the biggest role in the first impression of someones appearance, and we all know how important appearances are for the famous. It’s pretty much a given that with fame comes the necessity of having perfect teeth. And of course in effect people all over the world want that same brilliant white, even smile for themselves.

To this day it still surprises me how teeth whitening can make such a dramatic improvement on someones appearance (just see the slideshow below…AMAZING!) And it seems its not just women buying into teeth whitening, just as many men are having the procedure and seeing equally fantastic results. The best part of teeth whitening is that results can be instant.

The biggest question that remains is which method is right for you. Dr Yassmin of Broadway Cosmetic Dental is one of Sydney’s leading cosmetic dentists, he says “There are currently 3 types of teeth whitening available from your dentist. Instant/Inchair tooth whitening ( referred to as laser whitening), take home tooth whitening and also internal tooth whitening for Root Canal darkened teeth.”

” There are several benefits to getting a dentist whitening program as opposed to over the counter. The results that you can get from dentist teeth whitening are quite dramatic and the strength of the whitening gel that a dentist is able to safely give you is significantly stronger than an over the counter type.” Dr Yassmin also suggests it may be safer to have a whitening treatment from your dentist “It is crucial to have your teeth assessed as this determines the best type of whitening system for your teeth but also that your gums and teeth are in good health to be able to have teeth whitening”

There are a plethora of over the counter home whitening systems available at a relatively cheap price which do work, but you have to be committed, patient and wait for results to be achieved gradually over the months it takes to get to your desired degree of whitening. From what I can tell most people loose interest, get too impatient and give up before the product has time to reach its full potential. So if you want more instant results it seems a treatment from the dentist is your best option. “With instant teeth whitening as the name suggests your teeth will be whitened at your appointment. Take home teeth whitening can take up to 2-3 weeks to see the final result. ” says Dr Yassmin.


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