Cast Away Angel- Braided Beauty

Cait8 S_Fotor

Isn’t his look just stunning?! Soft,romantic and pretty this braided hair style is really easy to create and looks just perfect with a ‘barely there’ make-up style. This seasons hottest hairstyles are all about texture and as you’ve probably gathered just luuurve me a messy textured hairstyle. This look can be worn with a super dressy outfit, to work or just out and about. It’s versatile and charming.

And don’t be scared… the  ‘barely there’ make-up look won’t leave you looking tired or washed out. By using the correct highlighting and shading  around the face and eyes you can create a beautiful look without looking like you are wearing make-up at all!

Im going to run you through creating this look-

Cait9 S_Fotor


I saturated the hair in mousse, and then sprayed liberally with sea salt spray. I used my blow drier to blow in the product until dry.

I then sectioned off all the hair in front of the ears and pulled the rest up into a pony tail on the very crown of the head. I then used the Scunci Bun Maker to create a full messy bun on top of the head and secured with some bobby pins.

With the hair I previously sectioned off I put 2 plaits on each side of the face and then arranged them across the head and pin them in place. See diagram below.

Angel how to


I used Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation ‘Natural Beige 170’ all over Caitlyns face. This foundation is lightweight, gives a beautiful even skin tone yet as the name suggests looks naked and natural.

I used Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in ‘Dark’ as my shading powder. I shaded the hollows of the cheekbones, the chin and added contour to the eyes by shading the eyelid and the lower lashline. Again this powder is lightweight and looks extremely natural and this colour is perfect for a shader.

I patted Revlon Skin Lights Illuminate Cream over the Cheekbones, the lips and just along the brow bone under the brow. This combined with the shading gives the face a beautiful light and shade contour and makes the face and skin really glow.

I used Revlon ColourStay Eye Brow Liner in Brown to softly define the brows. I apply this pencil in light hair like strokes to avoid it looking like a block colour- this gets the brows looking soft and full.

Photos, Hair and Make-up by me. Model Caitlyn @priscillas Sydney.

Cait9 S_Fotor


The Essentials for this hair style!

RevlonPhotoreadySkinlights copy

The make-up products I used in this look.