20 Mar Brow to Brow- decade to decade

Eyebrows are the ultimate facial accessory of today. When people ask me for advice on shaping their brows the one thing I can’t stress enough is DO NOT OVER PLUCK!!!! I admit I have been an over plucker in years gone by and now that I want my brows to be fuller its a really hard task. Over plucking damages the hair follicles and they simply just don’t grow back. My brows are now fuller than they were but there are obvious patches where the hair won’t grow back, and I find my self having to fill them in with brow powder. The brows of today are full, thick and natural. I really want mine thick and full but I don’t think its going to happen. Simply because I plucked to much back in the 90’s! Boo…

You know when you see old ladies who draw on their whole eye brow? thats because back in the day when brow fashion was to be ultra thin they plucked and they plucked and now they just won’t grow back. When I say ‘brow fashion’ I mean brow fashion…

Over the decades eyebrow fashion has changed in obvious trends. And when I advise not to over pluck, thats because like now the fashion for eyebrows is bound to be thicker one day. I’d also pretty strongly advise against tattooed eyebrows, I understand that this can be a permanent solution to thickening the eyebrows, but in 10 years time the fashionable brow shape will almost certainly be different. Imagine if back in the day you got a super thin, super high curvy brow tattooed on? It would just look bizarre now.

Take a look at these images, the evolution of the eyebrow is obvious! so don’t over pluck people!!!

The perfect brow dimensions of today