Bondi Sands- Perfect Tan

 Bondi Sands

Leaving for the tropics during the middle of winter is always kind of scary when you are at your palest and you come to the realisation you will soon be putting on shorts, or even worse a bikini!

I packed with me on my trip two of the Bondi Sands tanning products the Self Tanning Foam (dark) and the Self Tanning Mist to give me a little colour boost. The colour from both is fantastic! A beautiful brown tan with an amazing coconut scent.

The Self Tanning Mist is an aerosol spray on which is easy to use and sprays on in a perfectly even mist. The colour is a lovely deep brown ( check out my legs below, on my first day of my holiday). The Self Tanning Mist is suitable for all skin types and tones.

The Self Tanning Foam is a mousse like foam and like the spray it’s simple to use and creates a lovely deep tan. This one can be applied with the hands but I prefer to  apply it with the Bondi Sands Mitt to keep the hands clean and also help get a smooth even application. It also has an amazing coconut smell and I used the dark shade in this one but it is also available in medium/light.

The Bondi Sands tanning range tick all the boxes and rate perfectly in colour, texture, application and of course smell. Not a hint of orange or that weird fake tan smell in sight.