The Power of A Smile

smileA smile is the very first facial expression we learn, it’s a universal signal of kindness and happiness that isn’t hindered by language, race or culture. Humans have the ability to detect a smile at a long distance as a result of a primal need to detect friend from foe. Multiple studies have proven that people who are smiling are more attractive to the opposite sex and that in fact each time you smile your brain triggers a release of endorphins that boosts your immune system, lowers your blood pressure and leaves you with an overall feeling of happiness. As if that’s not reason enough to start smiling more…
It’s also contagious… Science has proven that the brain tries to synchronize your expression with the people you are speaking to. If you smile they’ll smile and vice versa. Studies have also proven that people who smile at work are more likely to get a promotion as smiling during work is a sign of engagement and commitment with work, and also a reassuring signal that you are easy to work with.
So why aren’t we all smiling more? It seems to me we should all be paying it forward, smiling at people we pass in the street, at work, everywhere… spreading the good endorphins and lifting everyone’s mood.
It turns out a good proportion of non-smilers or closed mouth smilers (I’m guilty of that one!) are self conscious about their teeth. And the thought of smiling brings on a sense of fear and dread that people may not like what they see. No one should fear expressing their joy and happiness through the most basic form of human expression, especially when modern dentistry offers brilliant solutions to most dental concerns. “Colour, shape of the teeth and gums are peoples biggest hindrance in their ability to smile” Says leading Sydney cosmetic dentist Dr Fadi Yassmin.
As I mentioned I was a closed mouth smiler only… I just didn’t like what I saw when I put on a big grin. My teeth weren’t overly crooked, they had rotated and slanted slightly and weren’t as white as I would’ve liked. When I first saw Dr Yassmin I don’t think I actually realised how much my smile could have been improved, but after a zoom whitening session and starting a course of Invisalign I’m already seeing results and actually liking pictures of myself with an open mouthed smile! Crazy! My smile is slowly getting fuller, more even and looking healthier.

For the people who really suffer self confidence issues from their teeth- once you find a great dentist and take steps to improve your smile the results can be life changing. Dr Yassmin says”Often people with unattractive smiles or teeth tend to hide or resort to measures that often cover up their mouth. It may be something as simple as not smiling or having their hand over their mouth often when they are in conversation, inadvertent methods of masking their dissatisfaction.”

When I asked Dr Yassmin if he has witnessed an obvious increase in self confidence as a result of dental improvement on his patients he said  “Not only do we witness this but this is often my aim. During the initial consultation this is one of the first things assessed namely what patients don’t like about their smile and what as the cosmetic dentist I can do to change this. Once treatment is completed according to the smile assessment we see a great difference in the patients ability to confidently smile.”

I think we should all start sharing our beautiful, natural expression of joy alot more often. Spread the love and boost the endorphins! And if your not feeling confident enough… call the dentist!

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