Beauty Products To Know About in 2016

HITS 2016

I’m giving you the heads up on the latest and greatest in the beauty game. New products are always hitting the market and it’s hard to keep up with what’s currently trending. As we kick off 2016 I wanted to share a list of beauty products that are certain to be either game changers or very  unique in their category. Either way they are products you simply must know about for the year ahead.

Violet Based Tanning Products

Violet based tanning products are the only way to go if you ask me. Gone are the days of orange looking tans, thank god! Tanning products created with a violet base rather than a green base will always look more olive/brown and NEVER throw orange. The colour develops into a rich chocolatey brown that looks completely natural. There are several brands now doing products for both at home tanning and spray tanning using a violet base.

Try for Spray Tans-  J-Bronze Dark Spray Tan Solution

At Home- Australis Violet Base Tanning Foam. Untitled-1

Spray On Nails

Spray on Nails by NailsInc already have a waiting list to get the soon to be released product. I have some pretty good contacts in the beauty world but I still couldn’t manage to get my hands on this one, despite my best efforts! Obviously I can’t say if they’re good or not but they definitely have my attention. It works the same way a spray can does, you spray your nails with the lacquer from an aerosol can and it washes off your skin but sticks to the nails…. Genius! Think of the time we could save!

As soon as I manage to get some I’ll let you know how well they work and how they wear.

Join the waiting list HERE. banner-shake-to-paint-signup

DIY Deep Exfoliants

I’m a die-hard fan of DIY peeling and deep exfoliating products. They are the only thing that will actually make a difference to the appearance of your skin each and every time you use them.

Typically these products will contain a blend of light acids, either AHA’s, Glycolic, Lactic or other acids. This blend of light acids will gently but effectively exfoliate the skin and are much more effective than their granulated scrub (and often scratchy) counterparts. Scrub exfoliants that use granules only to exfoliate the skin do not have the ability to deeply remove dead skin cells and impurities the way acidic exfoliants do. And face scrubs are often abrasive and can cause scratches and irritation to the skin. You will see instant improvement in pigmentation, cleaner pores, fine lines and your skin will look more radiant. So if you don’t have time or money for regular in-salon peels or micro-dermabrasion you need to get your hands on one of these products.

TRYCosmedix Pure Enzyme Mask, used once a fortnight. cosmedix-pure-enzymes-exfoliating-mask

Cloth Face Masks

Cloth face masks are taking the world by storm. Endorsed by big name celebrities and high profile bloggers,  these are the ultimate in DIY pampering. Cloth face masks can look rather freaky (I call them Jason masks) when they’re on but they’re infused with a range of different serums that leave your skin feeling fresh, invigorated and rejuvenated. Fine lines around the eyes are no match for the plumping crystal or 24K gold eye masks. These are heavenly when you’re feeling tired.

TryLonvitalite coconut Face masks and Lonvitalite 24K Gold Eye masks. img

Fountain Liquid Beauty Supplements

These liquid beauty supplements have got me hooked. I’m currently taking my recommended dose of 2 teaspoons per day of three different formulas- Hyaluronic Molecule, Collagen Molecule, and the Hair Molecule.

What first got my attention with these supplements was the hyaluronic molecule. I met the scientist who created these products and he was so excited and enthusiastic about them that he instantly had my interest. The hyaluronic molecule works as an internal moisturiser for the skin. It’s obvious that what we eat and ingest has a significant effect on our health and well-being, more so than what we apply to our skin, so it made sense to me that a moisturiser that was ingested had the potential to work extremely well. Hyaluronic acid is a gel like water holding molecule naturally found in the tissue and acts like a cushioning agent within the skin, making it feel plump, supple and moisturised. I’ve been taking this one for about 2 months now and my skin is nowhere near as dry as it was before or as it usually is at this time during Summer. The hair molecule I’m also taking is part of my desperate attempt to grow my healthy hair back and rid my self of extensive damage from drastic colour changes. It contains a rich blend of biotin and silicon.

Fountain Beauty Supplements will be available at Priceline and retail for $60

Lip Kit by Kylie

Some marketing genious came up with the idea that Kylie Jenner should make the most of that talked about pout and start selling her own lip kit. The lip kit sold out in just 10 seconds, and women the world around are still scrambling to get their hands on the next batch. The lip kit contains a liquid lip colour and pencil liner. There are 3 colours to choose from and each of the liquid colours dries as a matte lip colour. My intuition tells me that there are probably lots of products on the market that do a similar if not better job than Kylie’s lip kit but with the genious marketing and promise of making your own pout look like Kylie’s for around thirty bucks people are dying to give it a go. Check it out HERE. rs_600x600-151209144209-Untitled-1

3 Minute Tan

That’s right St Tropez have created the worlds first in shower tan that develops in just 3 minutes. The tan works more like a gradual tan in that the colour is quite subtle and it’s designed to be used everyday to maintain an ongoing golden glow. You get wet, turn the shower off, lather yourself up with the tanning product and leave it on for 3 minutes before washing it off. It’s a great solution for those who can’t be bothered doing the usual tanning ritual. Check it out HEREo-ST-TROPEZ-GRADUAL-TAN-IN-SHOWER-900