13 May Beating Winter Skin Quickly!

IMG_4889 copyMy skin gets SO dry in Winter!!! As soon as the cold weather arrives, the hydration gets completely sucked out of my skin. It’s so dry it gets to the point it almost looks like I have scales….. YUK! I need something rich to quench my thirsty skin, and I need it to work quickly. The problem I find with most richer body moisturisers is that they feel very heavy and slightly greasy, and an oil slick is the last thing you want underneath your winter clothes. This got me thinking,  perhaps a lightweight spray moisturiser would do the trick…

After testing out a few spray-on products I’ve made up my mind and decided that without a doubt Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser Advanced Strength is the answer to my Winter skin woes. While it’s very lightweight it gives my body a supremely deep hydration which is absorbed in seconds and leaves the skin feeling soft and subtle (and less like a Reptile!). It transformed the appearance of my dry flaky skin instantly.

Petroleum Jelly is the wonder ingredient that Vaseline uses to make their products so powerfully moisturising. And Vaseline don’t just use any Petroleum Jelly, they use only the very best. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has a triple purification seal which certifies that every jar has been rigorously purified not once but three times! This outstanding quality ingredient is the secret behind the Vaseline Intensive Spray Moisturiser’s ability to quickly and powerfully hydrate and repair the skin. It also creates a barrier to prevent further moisture loss.

Conveniently the spray application means it can be easily used on hard to reach areas of skin. Vaseline Intensive Spray Moisturiser Advanced Strength is also fragrance free and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. This product just ticks all the boxes, quick, convenient, effective, versatile, affordable- tick, tick, tick, tick!

Conveniently, Vaseline Intensive Spray Moisturiser Advanced Strength $9.99 is available in grocery stores and pharmacies nation wide. And online HERE- SHOP