Be A ‘Beach Babe’ No Matter The Season

Being a beach babe is in our genes,  our beautiful country with beautiful weather and stunning coastlines mean that us Aussie girls set the benchmark when it comes to effortless beach babe beauty. During the Summer months its easy to keep our selves bronzed, and let our hair look naturally salty and windswept but as the months grow cooler many girls find it hard to maintain their beach babe style and grow confused as to what style they should be aiming for. Do we opt for a more European style? More urban? More American? While getting outside your comfort zone is not always a bad thing, trying to be something your not isn’t a good thing either. The truth is we feel more at ease with ourselves when we’re comfortable and more importantly confident within our own style. So why not adapt our beach babe look in order to keep it all year round? You may not be getting around in your bikini but with a few tips and tricks you could be rocking the ‘Beach Babe Chic’ vibe even on the coldest days of the year!


Zimmermann Frill Bandeau Top and Bottom, Vintage Gold Saphire Cross


  • When using your straightening iron turn it from one side to to the other as you move it down the shaft of the hair, this will create waves throughout the hair rather than curls.
  • If you do curl your hair run your fingers through it thoroughly until the curls are transformed into messy loose waves.
  • If you have fine or limp hair invest in a root lifting product to ensure your hair always has volume from the roots, this will give it a more lightweight look rather than a flat look.
  • If you have very straight hair that doesn’t like to hold waves, saturate the hair with a good styling mousse and blow dry it in each time before you style. This will help set the style and give long lasting hold.
  • Everyone should have a good texturising spray! With a good spritz of texturising spray each time you style it will transform a boring fluffy hair style into beachy, tousled bombshell hair.



Desert Designs ‘Sunset Waterhole’ swimsuit, gold rings and wrist chain


  • Find a good self tanning product you can rely on all year round. Only use a product that dries quickly and feels lightweight while you’re wearing it so that in the cooler months you can apply it and slip on comfortable clothes over the top to keep you warm.
  • Make sure you have a good body moisturiser and exfoliant to maintain your tan and rid your skin of too much dead skin build up. Our bodies are more prone to dry skin during Winter and this can lead to a patchy tan, so make sure you keep on top of  your exfoliation. Keep a scrub on hand in the shower to use each time before you tan.
  • Invest in a good semi matte bronzer. A Bronzer that is semi matte will look more natural than a shimmery one. Limit shimmery product to your eyelids and lips. The aim is to use your bronzer to give yourself a really natural looking sun-kissed look. Don’t dust it over your entire face, only dust it over areas the sun would naturally hit- down the sides of the face, the cheekbones, tip of the nose and chin. This will give the most natural look.
  • I always recommend using a foundation that is the closest colour match to your actual skin tone. Only use a bronzer and/or self tan to enhance your colour not your foundation. By using a foundation that is significantly darker than your skin tone in order to look brown will only leave you looking really unnatural and as though you are wearing too much make-up.
  • Remember, no-one has a face that is one flat colour all over, always use blush, bronzer and highlighters to give the face a soft warmth, glow and shape.

Liv wears Ere Perez Natural Bronzer, Kerastase ‘Spray A Porter’ texture spray, Ere Perez Face Highlighter Cream and Natural Sesame Lip Liner.



St Tropez Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse

St Tropez Prep and Maintain Body Moisturiser


Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder Natural Bronzer

Ere Perez Versatile Vanilla Cream Face Highlighter


Kerastase Spray A Porter

Kerastase Mousse Bouffant

Kerastase Lift Vertige