08 Apr Are You Wearing The Right Foundation??

Possibly the biggest beauty blunder known to women is wearing the wrong foundation. You might think it’s easy to pop into a store and quickly pick a foundation off the shelf by simply looking at the colour and thinking that it looks “close enough” but in reality there are some VERY important factors to consider when picking your perfect base. If the foundation you’re already wearing looks good, feels great, stays on all day and doesn’t clog or irritate your skin then it sounds like you’ve already found your perfect match, however if you said no to even one of those then chances are you aren’t wearing the right foundation.

The type of foundation you use, and the colour of the foundation you wear, will determine how your skin looks while you’re wearing it and how comfortable it feels. The right foundation will last all day, without a single touch up. If you get the right combination of foundation type and colour, not only will your skin thank you for it, but your foundation will always look and feel amazing!


Oily Skin- If you apply a foundation containing oil to an already oily skin type 3 things will happen, your pores will clog and you’ll be more prone to breakouts, your face will look perpetually shiny, and your make-up won’t last long (you’ll feel like you need to reapply way too often!). The drier the foundation consistency the more oil absorption quality it will have. Where possible opt for a natural product which will be less likely to clog pores and irritate your skin. Suggested foundation types for oily skin are- Compact Powder Foundation, Oil-Free Liquid Foundation, Mineral Powder Foundation, Oil Free Sponge-On Compact Foundation.

Normal Skin- Normal Skin types can get away with any foundation type but its best to opt for a slightly more moisturising finish like an Oil Free Liquid, Mineral Liquid Foundation, Mineral Powder Foundation. The general rule is if it lasts all day and feels good while you wear it then it’s working for you. The beauty of being a normal skin type is that you can choose which foundation type you prefer.

Combination Skin- Combination skin types can have occasional dryness around the eyes and on other areas of the face yet also occasionally be oily on the t-zone. This combination of dry and oily can be a tricky one for people to understand, but without a doubt I would recommend 1 type of foundation only for combination skin- Mineral Powder Foundation. The beauty of an all natural Mineral Powder Foundation is that it will never clog your pores, and it has the ability to evenly absorb any oil secretions from the skin which means it will always look dewy and fresh and you will never have a shiny nose or forehead. People can often be skeptical of using a powder foundation because traditional powder foundations were often dry and cakey looking, mostly due to their talc content. Mineral Powder Foundation is a completely different type of powder all together (no talc), it has a dewy radiant quality and can best be described as a mildly ‘moist powder’. To apply Mineral Powder you use a short, fat round brush to buff it onto the skin and the longer you wear it the better it looks, after about an hour when it has settled into the skin and absorbed some of the natural oils from your skin it looks like you are wearing nothing at all, you simply have a flawless, radiant skin tone.

Dry Skin- From my experience the best foundation option for dry skin is using a moist and radiant liquid foundation, finished with a light dusting of powder (preferably mineral powder). By using a luminous liquid foundation it will mimic the look of naturally radiant, hydrated skin. Liquids in general don’t have the staying power of other foundation types which is why I recommend setting it with a light dusting of Mineral Powder. By using both the liquid and powder combination you get the hydrating, radiant benefits of the liquid and the staying power of the powder (if you finish with a mineral powder it won’t budge all day long). Recommended foundation types for dry skin are- Liquid Foundation, BB Cream, Tinted Moisturiser, Liquid Mineral Foundation, Mineral Powder Foundation.


The golden rule of colour matching your foundation is to get it the very closest shade to your actual skin colour. Way, way, way too many girls opt for a foundation darker than their skin tone to give the effect of a more tanned face. The result is always a foundation that looks more unnatural than it should. The correct foundation should always look virtually invisible, no matter how heavy the coverage. It should just look as if you have a great, even skin tone.

You’ve all seen it before, a girl who looks like she’s wearing WAY too much foundation right? Well, the reality is she was just wearing the wrong colour. If you wear the right colour matched foundation you can pack on as much, or as heavy coverage as you want, and it will still look great. When you start messing with darker colours it creates an unnatural looking skin tone and it makes good blending almost impossible.

The correct way to look more tan is to use a self tanning face product, and perhaps have two foundations, one for when you are tanned and one for when you aren’t. The easiest way to create the illusion of being more tanned is to use a bronzer over your foundation. When you apply bronzer only dust it over the areas the sun would usually hit- Cheeks bones, jawline, nose and sides of the face which will give the face a bronzed flattering contour. Avoid applying bronzer over the entire face as this will create a flat looking complexion with no contour.

Oh and when you’re foundation shopping make sure you test the colour on your face! NOT you’re wrist or hand…. They are not the same colour as your face!