18 Jul Arch Angels

Everyone is after that perfectly illuminated, glowing skinned make-up and I’m all for finding you guys the cream of the crop when it comes to Illuminating products. This product ticks multiple boxes and can be utilised as an illuminate cream and also a brow definer.

Brow defining is a dying trend in Australia, from my experience most young women don’t define their brows at all. But as someone (make-up) wise once told me ‘the brows are the frame of the windows of your soul’ and I tend to agree that when you have a smoky or heavily defined eye make-up your brows can fade into the background. With the right amount of defintion your brows can really perfect your make-up and make it looked polished.  I’m not talking black drag queen brows, I just mean subtle unnoticeable colour to fill in between the individual hairs of the brow.

Arch Angels from MeMeMe cosmetics is a great brow definer, I could go as far as to say the best I have used. It comes in a small mascara like wand and is a mid brown colour. It blends onto the hair really discreetly and gives the brows subtle clean definition. The colour is a mid brown and would suit blondes, right through to brunettes.

On the other end of the wand is a pearlescent cream Illuminate.  Perfect to highlight along brow lines and cheek bones, even lips. This Illuminate instantly wakes up tired eyes and skin giving your make-up a healthy glow.

Arch Angels $24.95 is available from MeMeMe cosmetics online HERE.

MeMeMe cosmetics has a large range of really well thought out and functional products. This product is unique, hand bag friendly and a new favourite of mine!