06 Jun Another Day in Paradise-

I love this 60's inspired look! Ana looks amazing.

This week has been spent drinking cocktails, swimming, and eating in one of my favourite holiday destinations – Bali. Little did I realise that Bali is now a hotspot for international designers. There are a HUGE number of designers residing here because they manufacture their clothing in Bali where expenses are relatively low. I had no idea of how many shoots are taking place here on a daily basis, I came here to have a holiday with family and friends but I have ended up being offered loads of work! Now I just need to figure out how to balance it all so I still have a holiday.

On my second day here I worked on a shoot for renowned french designer Magali Pascal. Magali’s designs are amazing and I can safely say I loved every piece in the 40+ piece range. We worked with gorgeous Russian model Ana. Ana lives in Bali and is working 4-6 days a week which is an amazing amount of work for a model in any country. The range was inspired by the 60’s safari look, the hair and make-up was a combination of 60’s inspired glamour make-up and a sexy beehive-esque hairstyle. I love this look and I loved creating a style different to what I have been doing in Oz.

I’ve been taking full advantage of the abundance of beauty treatments on offer in Bali, and have already had the typical balinese pedicure and floral manicure. My daughter is loving it here…. her hair is beaded and braided, her fingers and toes are painted with flowers, and she is dripping in beaded jewellery- basically she looks like a tourist! haha its really funny!

I was really happy with how this hairstyle turned out! Love it!

The latest Magali Pascal range is inspired by the 60's safari look

Floral Fingers!

Being Mani-Pedi'd with the young-ens!