09 Jun A Make-up Essential For Glowing skin!


Adding highlights to the skin is a simple step in your make-up routine which will make you appear more awake, more radiant and as though you have a healthy glowing complexion.

Highlighting is a simple step that many women ignore, putting it in the ‘too hard’ basket for fear of it being time consuming or too hard. In actual fact, highlighting correctly takes seconds and is really simple to do.

See the image above of how I highlight daily. Use either a liquid highlighter, illuminate pen or a powder illuminate, apply a line to the top of the cheekbone, the brow bone and the upper lip as I have done above. Next blend gently with your finger until the line looks like a glow rather than an actual line.

Doing this will make your brows appear higher, your cheekbones more prominent and your lips look fuller.

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