04 Aug Don’t Be A Dumb Blonde


Defying your genetics is both a liberating and terrifying process.

What if it doesn’t suit me?

What if it does?

What if I can never go back?

How much is this going to cost every 4-6 weeks???

No one understands the struggle more than an artificial blonde. The maintenance is one thing, but the cost can be just plain ridiculous.

Trust me when I say that you get what you pay for… nobody should be forced to try and make the female mullet happen. It’s not going to happen.

So if you want to be blonde or have already taken the plunge, here is a guide on how to not mess it up.


Now is not the time to try and score a bargain. If you want to avoid an orange hair phase or the aforementioned mullet situation, do your research and see a professional.


You’ve booked the appointment. Congrats! If you want to be an absolute pro, you need to start the process the night before with what I like to call the Coconut Oil Trick.

The Coconut Oil Trick: the night before your appointment you slather your hair with coconut oil, cover your pillow with a towel and go to sleep.

Ideally your appointment is first thing in the morning. Without rinsing the coconut oil out, head to your hairdresser and get started with the coloring process. The coconut oil replicates natural oils on your head and helps to protect your hair and scalp from damage.


Lightening your hair will make it dry. Nourish it daily with a leave-in treatment like L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise EverSleek Precious Oil Treatment.


According to science you are probably washing your hair too much. Try washing twice a week, once with hydrating formulas and then with a purple shampoo and conditioner to avoid brassiness.

At the beginning of the week treat your hair with a hydrating shampoo such as EVO The Therapist Calming Shampoo and a moisture mask like EVO The Great Hydrator.

Before the weekend refresh your color with Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo and Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Conditioner.

In between washes, dry shampoo is your best friend.





The biggest threat to your newly coloured locks is heat damage so try to minimise any usage of styling tools. If you can manage, only use them on the weekend.

If you’re worried about bad hair days try a cute up style like Bonnie’s upside down braid.

When you do use a blow dryer/curling iron/straightener protect your hair first with a heat-protecting product. Also be sure to use a good quality hairbrush, which detangles without pulling and tearing your hair. The Wet Brush is your best bet as its bristles are flexible eliminating potential damage.


Depending on your chosen method you will be heading back to the salon every 4-8 weeks. If you wait too long in-between appointments you could end up with an uneven result.

Bottom line: Be kind to your hair. There are so many great products out there that allow you to take risks with your hair whilst keeping it healthy.

So don’t be shy and have fun! Just be sure your ready to put in the time and effort first.




Written by Sophie Howe