10 Simple Things to Make You Feel Great


Back to work, back to reality…. And more than likely feeling less than brilliant. After all the excesses the silly season involved, the sun and surf our beautiful weather allowed us to enjoy and just general neglect to our wellbeing it’s common time to feel run down, and lack-lustre.  Upon return of my break I felt rubbish! Yet after just 2 days of working hard to kick off the new year in a healthier, happier body and mind I’m feeling MUCH better already. Here are 10 simple things you can do to feel better –

* Be Positive– Don’t dwell on the things you are unhappy about and want to improve. Instead when you feel sad or frustrated turn it into love! This simple method was taught to me by a friend and I find it works wonders. It’s simple when you realise you’re dwelling on something or someone negative change your train of thought and think of three things you love, or as I do tell someone something you love about them, and if they aren’t around a simple text to mum, hubby or a friend telling them something you love about them will instantly get you smiling.

* Skin Pick Me Up- After summer holidays the skin is often dehydrated and the skin tone more uneven as a result of unhealthy foods, alcohol, and sun exposure. It’s also common to have breakouts and blocked pores. Improving the look of your skin can give you a huge self confidence boost, and believe it or not seeing visible improvements in your skin is easy to do and can be done at home. Firstly Exfoliate! Time to slough off that holiday grime made up of sweat, dead dry skin, sunscreen and make-up. Use a good exnzyme exfoliant, this means an exfoliant without granules or beads. An enzyme exfoliant uses light enzymes and acids to exfoliate, its more gentle on the skin and is FAR more effective, exfoliating at a deeper level. A good exfoliation will make your skin look more even, and radiant. Second hydrate! Use a great moisturiser and a good hydrating mask to give you an instant moisture boost!

* Limit Toxins- It doesn’t have to be an intense detox, just try 7-10 days commitment to limiting just a few toxins you expose yourself to. Alcohol, Caffeine, Sugar etc… Commit to 7 days and take it from there. Trust me you will feel improvements in both body and mind after just the first 2 days!

*Exercise- Again it doesn’t have to be intensive gym sessions, just a 30 minute brisk walk daily will do wonders for both body and mind with a gentle release of endorphins that will lift your mood. Commit to going everyday for the first 7 days.

* Organize- Yep it’s time to organize that chaos in your life. Be it your bedroom, your desk, your wardrobe, your paperwork- anything! Choose three things that you’ve been meaning to organize or get done and never seem to find the time to do. Commit to getting the three things done in the next 2 weeks. Studies have shown that both mental and physical clutter effects your ability to focus and process information. Getting organized will mean you will be more productive, less irritable, more focused and get things done quicker! Who knew that messy work desk was effecting your mental state!

*Beauty- Yes it may sound like vanity but things like painting your nails, having a wax, getting your hair done all help you feel great! Get up , do your hair, put some make-up on and be on top of your beauty game! Little things like having hairy legs, or bad regrowth will weigh on your mind and make you more self-conscious.

*Healthy Meals- Commit to eating healthy meals as often as possible. It’s Summer and we have so many delicious summer salad ingredients available to us. Don’t be put off by the word ‘salad’ either,  there are plenty of filling, hearty and most importantly healthy salad options. Try grilled Chicken, mixed Lettuce, Avocado, Cucumber and Mango with a little bit of Balsamic Vinegar….YUMMO! Or Apple, Lettuce, Pine Nuts, Fetta and Salmon…. Delish.

*Sleep- We all know there are vast health benefits associated with getting a good nights sleep. Make sure you’re getting a 8 solid hours of sleep each night! You’ll feel happier and more energetic just to name a few of the MANY benefits…

*Try Something New- Think of something you’ve always wanted to do- like try a new sport, learn a language, learn to play an instrument, help a chairty etc…. anything within reason. Organize it this week and make it happen in 2015 and you will feel more fulfilled and content.

*Do Something Nice- Each day do something nice for someone else. It could be as simple as a “good morning” to a passerby or helping someone with their bags….Small things that can make a difference to someones day.


Delicious salad recipe by Jules Galloway