10 Beauty Products you NEED to know about!

top 10I often get asked what beauty products I use.  The reality is that I am bombarded with beauty product for review, yet only a few stand out products actually make it to my bathroom cupboard. During that review process is when I figure out which products have something special, or unique and which products really appeal to me personally. This is a list of my current 10 favourite beauty products, all of which have well and truly made it to my bathroom cupboard! Each of these products I use on a daily basis and absolutely love…

1) Le Tan Face Tan $7.99 – This self tan for the face adds instant colour, and develops into a beautiful subtle tan. I ‘ve been using it daily to keep my face as brown as the rest of my body! What I love about it is that is feels really hydrating and lightweight and my make-up seems to go on beautifully after I’ve applied it.


2) Dermalogica Special Cleanseing Gel- This is my everyday cleanser. It’s gentle on the skin yet removes all of the days dirt and grime effortlessly. It also removes all of my make-up with ease so I don’t have to bother with make-up remover as well. Its light, creamy and foaming and leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh.


3) Kerastase Bain Satin Shampoo $39– I love this shampoo for several reasons… It slightly moisturises my hair without leaving any annoying residue, it leaves my hair more manageable and shiny, and for some reason it stops my scalp getting itchy. This is a very well formulated product which I will continue to use!K_eacute_rastase_Nutritive_Bain_Satin_2_Complete_Nutrition_Shampoo_250ml_1380709391

4) Model Co Lip Plumper $26– I must say this one I can’t live without! For no apparent reason my lips like to crack,shrivel and dry out. This creamy balm instantly plumps the lips so they are full and glossy. Its not sticky or tacky, as a matter of fact its minty and creamy. It’s also perfect under lipstick! I take this one everywhere with me.


5) KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray $36.95 Yes, this is a sea salt spray but the point of difference with this one is that your hair stays soft and doesn’t end up feeling crunchy like most sea salt sprays will do. You get a beautiful texture and lightness to the hair which is perfect for when I wear my hair straight, wavy or messy.


6) Bobbi Brown Black Tuxedo Nail Polish $26- This is my ultimate nail polish. With a creamy texture and deep colour I could wear this colour for ever!


7) Benefit Brow Zings Shaping Kit $55- I use this shaper to define my brows everyday. My brows are a little sparse from over previous plucking, and this handy kit means I can easily fill them in, thicken them up and look very natural at the same time! The kit contains a coloured powder and wax to enhance and tame unruly brows.

benefit brow zings

8) Dr Alkaitis Organic Day Cream $71.50– This beautiful lightweight day cream is made from some truly delicious organic ingredients. It’s made from an aloe vera base, but also contains pure Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Marigold Blossoms and a few other plant based ingredients which combine to make a beautifully scented skin hydrator. I love that it is so lightweight yet gives me long lasting  hydration.


9) Sunescape Instant Self Tan Mousse $39.95– This is a recent addition to the bathroom cupboard! I just started using it 2 weeks ago and I am in LOVE!! This Australian made tanning mousse develops into a beautiful deep colour and smells absolutely amazing! (like chocolate and coconut)…. It’s enriched with Coconut, Macadamia and Avocado oils which keep the skin hydrated and prevents dryness. Top marks for this tan!


10) Bronze Buffer $14– How did I ever live without this one? During busy times of the year I can get a little lazy on the body exfoliation which means that when I tan I occasionally end up with streaky marks around my ankles and feet. Bronze Buffer is a magic sponge that works like an eraser to bad tan lines. It’s very soft and doesn’t feel abrasive at all. You can use it in the shower to remove tan or just dampen it to remove pesky streak marks.